Great Britain has large cables to some of its neighbours that power flows through, and these impact price.

GB is set to have 24GW of interconnection to surrounding countries by 2050. A large part of this is to France, with Norway coming second. 11 new interconnector projects make it into our forecast for future capacity of interconnection, including two with Denmark and two new ones with Norway, on top of the existing North Sea Link. We don't include either the Moroccan interconnector project or the Icelandic one.

When power flows from one country to another, it does so because power is cheaper on one end of the cable. Historically, GB has taken advantage of cheap French nuclear power via the IFA, IFA2, and Eleclink interconnectors. More recently, GB has benefited from cheap Norwegian hydropower via the North Sea Link. Since the start of 2023, a lot of our interconnectors have been exporting plentiful British wind to the continent.

We model power flows through these interconnectors, described later.