List of terms and a few acronyms that might have crept in to the methodology


Changing the fundamentals model to have more (or less) solar / wind / nuclear will result in a different 'scenario.'

Site configuration

The site set up - 100MW, 150MWh, in Bognor Regis, with a HV connection at 33kV, and asymmetric import/export limit of 80MW import / 100MW export.

Site-specific forecast

The numbers that are necessary for getting an investment case approved on a particular site. Eg, 1.2h, doing 2.5 cycles a day, according to a warranty which allows for up to 3 cycles per day, with a specific degradation curve.


Future Energy Scenarios. We look specifically at the Consumer Transformation Scenario, and use inputs from the 2022 release of the FES.

Renewable load factors

This describes the percentage of how much was generated compared to maximum possible generation.