Custom runs

For a truly bespoke forecast, we can complete custom runs for you to match the exact configuration of your site.

Custom runs enable full flexibility for all of the parameters you can see in the Run Library table, as well as some parameters that are not listed there. You can do any of the following:

  • Set the exact duration and rated power of your battery
  • Separately set the maximum import and export capacities of your site
  • Tell us the GSP Region of your battery
  • Tell us whether your battery is distribution or transmission connected
  • Choose a maximum number of cycles per day
  • Set the specific percentage round-trip efficiency of your battery
  • Set up degradation for your battery based on its start date and the number of cycles after which to re-power
  • Configure a battery co-located with solar, including setting the rated power of the solar, whether it is AC or DC coupled with your battery, and telling us the post code of your site so that we can use the solar profile for that specific latitude and longitude
  • Choose and compare any of our Macro Scenarios

Each custom run costs 1 credit. To find out more about how credits work, please speak to our Sales Team.