BM dispatch rates

BM dispatch rates for batteries will become a function of the total BM volumes required, and how much competition there is

Actions taken in the BM can be broken down into two main categories, energy actions and system actions. Energy actions ensure that supply and demand are balanced overall across the whole system and can be competed for by any asset. System actions address specific locational constraints on the transmission system, these therefore require bids on one side of a boundary and offers on the other side of a boundary. For more information on this, check out our Constraint Model.

Competition for bids and offers will depend on the capacity of flexible assets that can compete for bids and offers nationally (for energy actions) and within certain regions (for system actions).

We model both types of bids and offers to work out the possible bids and offers available to a battery after factoring in its availability. This can then be used to calculate the revenues that a battery can generate through additional cycling in the balancing mechanism.

  • North of B2 -> North of Scotland
  • Between B5 and B6 -> South of Scotland
  • Between B6 and B7a -> Northern / North Western
  • East of EC5 -> Eastern
  • Inside B14 -> South Eastern
  • Inside LE1 -> London
  • Unconstrained -> everywhere else!