How to create a custom run

Step 1:

Click the 'Create custom run' button at the top of the page

Step 2

Tell us more about your asset location. This helps us to provide a location specific revenue forecast.

Step 3

Tailor key parameters such as grid connection type, asset size and duration. Let us know if your asset is colocated with solar PV.

If your asset is colocated, please provide the solar rated power at peak - this is usually expressed in MVA peak, referring to the DC side of the inverter.

Step 4

Let us know when your asset started operating, and what kind of degradation curve to apply.

Step 5

Choose from 8 Modo Energy Macro Scenarios to see the impact of different futures on your battery revenue forecast.

Step 6

Name your custom run(s) so that they're easy to find in the run library.

What’s Next

Where can I find custom runs that I've created?